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The Meatlovers is a new meat brand with a wide range of frozen meats that enables consumers to enjoy the taste experience of the restaurant at home. The concept consists of three lines: easy burgers for every meat lover, inspiring steaks for the passionate amateur chef and larger cuts for the professional home chef. For the time being, a total of 30 different products.


The meat is only the best top quality. After proper ripening, the meat is cut by experienced butchers and vacuum packed. After this, it is immediately deep-frozen. In a manner of speaking, The Meatlovers actually freezes in the quality. This gives the meat a long shelf life.


Quality and taste are paramount at The Meatlovers. And there's something for the eye too. The burgers and steaks are packed in boxes with an exclusive look to match the quality. We also offer information about the origins of the meat and flavouring on the box. And there's also a recipe card inside the box. The larger cuts are provided with a banderole. The different possibilities of preparing the products makes it a versatile assortment that suits perfectly to lift prominently with the year's seasons.


The Meatlovers is currently sold at Jumbo Supermarkten in The Netherlands. Both available in their stores as well as their online shop. While The Meatlovers looks after their customers, we also contribute and commit to our own and that of the intermediary’s marketing strategy. Tools we use to create a stronger brand are: social media, interactive and weekly updated website, online marketing, store demonstrations etc. Next to marketing we also have our customer service.


The Meatlovers is an innovative and strong brand that aims to deliver honest and best quality meat in today's and future society for the retail internationally. Curiously to know if we can start a cooperation? Contact Possibly that we have a colleague that speaks your language.