The Meatlovers assortiment

Meat lovers, thats who we are

We joined up with our butchers to find the best flavours and textures the world has to offer, so that you too can taste the difference between good and exceptional. Our range of meats challenges you to find that top chef deep inside.

Will you accept the challenge?

Restaurant experience at home

The Meatlovers helps you bring the restaurant experience home. Good food with friends or family; where better than in your own familiar surroundings with a meat product and quality you would only expect to find in a restaurant. There's a top chef lurking inside each one of us. One may be more advanced than the other, but passion will take you wherever you want to go.
No matter what the level of your cooking skills, we have meat products for kitchen kings and queens at every level.

  • For every meat lover
    easy burgers

  • For the passionate amateur chef
    inspiring steaks

  • For the professional home chef
    Larger cuts



Perfectly ripened

Years of butcher's experience and specialist in the best meats. Environment, climate, life and ripening are some of the factors that determine the final taste and texture. The Meatlovers comes from the best regions in the world. In order to maintain the best flavours, we ripen the meat to the level of the sublime; then we freeze it, and time stops for a while. It's hard to imagine anything fresher!


Curious to know from which part of the animal your meat comes? Check the detailed information on the Meat Cuts page.