Type of animal
  1. Lamb (1)
  2. Beef (2)
  3. Pork (1)
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Country of origin
  1. Spain (1)
  2. New Zealand (1)
  3. Australia (1)
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Product group
  1. Burgers (4)
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Meat your inner chef


Burgers, the fried or grilled pieces of flat round meat in a soft round bun. We meat lovers are big fans and you probably are too. Burgers have changed a lot over the years; from the simple hamburger with a bit of sauce and vegetables to the finest and most creative burgers.

Today's burgers are made from different types of meat than only beef and there are several types of 'ordinary' burgers with all sorts of vegetables rather than just the traditional lettuce leaf. The Meatlovers offers a much wider selection of hamburgers than the basic one we're all familiar with.

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