Abbonneer nu

Duck breast brushed with honey and spices

A true feast on your table; tender duck breast brushed with a lacquer made of coriander, fennel seed, honey and mustard. Add a nice potato parmentier and your meal is a treat for every connoisseur.

Deer steak with pepper cake and game gravy

Challenge yourself and treat yourself well during the winter with this tender dear steak! Full of flavor with a crust made out of pepper cake and gravy with spices. Serve with celeriac puree and beetroot you will experience a restaurant dish at home.

Venison Goulash with pepper cake and spices

Venison Goulash, a delicious autumn / winter recipe. Goulash is a traditional Hungarian stew and we came up with our own interpretation of this classical dish. It has a lovely smell, and gorgeous flavor! Come and try it out.

Brown Butter BBQ Flank Steak

Super simple and super delicious! Brown butter is something magical and is easy to make. Marinate the bavette steak in the brown butter for an extra delicious nutty taste. Just grill and then ... enjoy!

Pastrami Spice Beef Picanha

Mouth-watering; this picanha pastrami (brine smoked meat originating from Romania) is flavoured with spices and during grilling we add wood chips to the coal for an extra smoky taste. For the real grill-sergeant!

Angus burger with roasted jalapeƱos, tomatoes & guacamole

With this Mexican-style burger, your friends will flock to the BBQ. The delicious Angus meat together with spicy jalapeƱo mayonnaise and mild avocado salad is an irresistible combination.


About Jonathan Zandbergen

Jonathan Zandbergen is one of the greatest Dutch culinary talents and is chef at star restaurant Merlet in Schoorl. He has won several prizes such as the 'Prix Culinaire Le Taittinger' in 2014 and was elected by Talentvol Chef of the Year 2017 by Gault & Millau. The general public gets to know him in the media through a performance with Robert Kranenborg in De Wereld Draait Door in 2015 , at RTL Live as the chef who helps viewers with their Christmas dinner (2016), as a jury member in the RTL program Topchef Academy and later on Master Chef. Since 2017, Jonathan has been working with The Meatlovers showing consumers how they can get the most out of our meat.

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