Meat cuts

The highest quality

The Meatlovers stands for quality; we feel it's important for everyone to know where the meat on their plate comes from.


Our meat comes from the best cattle in the best regions of the world. The fertile soils, wide open green spaces, and the multitude of rivers and streams provide ideal conditions for animal welfare. Under the supervision of strict European rules, requirements and controls. All these factors result in truly pure meat that can be appreciated time after time.


The meat is boned and cut using traditional methods. The meat is not yet tender and tasty immediately after the slaughter. It must 'ripen' first. After that, the meat is cut into sections and vacuum packed. Immediately afterwards, we freeze it to stop the ripening at exactly the right moment, so the meat can be served at its very best. You will never disappoint your guests, or yourself, with (a prime cut from) The Meatlovers.



A. Cube Roll  Cut from the ribs
A. Tomahawk Cut from the ribs
A. Rib Roast Cut from the ribs
A. Rib Eye Steak Cut from the ribs
A. Entrecote Cut from the ribs
A. T-bone Cut from the loin
B. Filet mignon Cut from the loin
B. Picanha Cut from the haunch
C. Feather Blade Cut from the shoulder
C. Flat Iron Steak Cut from the shoulder 
C. Cowboy steak Cut from the lower ribs 
C. Short Rib Steak Cut from the lower ribs 
D. Bavette  Cut from the flank
E. Sirloin steak Cut from the bolar blade 
F. Minute steak Cut from the eye round
F. US steak Cut from the topside 
F. Lady steak Cut from the topside 
F. Wagyu steak Cut from the topside 
X. Steak pieces Cut from different sections of beef 


The cattle are grain-fed for at least 120 days and come from: USA, Australia and South America.


A. Veal Cube Roll Cut from fine rib 
B. Veal Entrecote Cut from the strip loin
C. Veal T-bone Cut from the loin 
D. Veal Escalope Cut from the topside 
D. Vitello Tonnato Cut from the eye of round 
E. Veal Ossobucco Cut from the shank 


Our calves are born and bred on native Dutch soil. A balanced diet provides the quality meat.




A. Frenched racks Cut from the back 
B. Lamb Chops Cut from the ribs 
C. Lamb Fillet Cut from the back 
D. Leg of Lamb Steak Cut from the hindquarters 


New Zealand lamb owes its unique flavour to the grass and clover it feeds on in the wild.





A. Iberico Rack Cut from the back 
B. Iberico Fillet Cut from the back 
C. Ibercio Pork Chops Cut from the back and shoulder bone
D. Iberico Fillet Medallions Cut from the back 
E. Iberico Spareribs Cut from the ribs 


Spanish Iberico pork has a rich nutty flavour that results from the 6-10 kilos of acorns it feeds on every day during autumn.

Cuts selected by our Chef!