The Meatlovers assortment is made up of unique items. The country of origin, type of feeding or breed makes the products stand out. The Meatlovers is also one of the first to introduce lesser-known but delicious meat products. For example, the current expansion includes a Flat Iron Steak and Short Rib Steaks. The Flat Iron Steak is created by splitting a feather blade and removing the tendon. The result is a surprisingly tender piece of meat. The Short Ribs are also less well-known but slowly on the rise. Tasty beef that should be included at a good barbecue. The exclusive Wagyu beef is more available to a wider audience these days. The expansion of The Meatlovers therefore includes a Wagyu steak. Other new items are a Rib Eye steak, Iberico Spare Ribs, Veal T-bone, Veal Ossobuco, Vitello Tonnato and as a larger cut, a unique tough Tomahawk. Additionally, two items are provided with a sauce or rub. The Vitello Tonnato contains veal carpaccio and a bag of tuna mayonnaise and the Iberico Spareribs is accompanied by a ‘Goldrush’ rub sachet for extra taste and experience. The vacuum packed “steak” products are of course packed in very appealing cartons containing information on the origin of the meat and taste suggestions. On the website recipes for every product are posted. Soon new recipe videos with Michelin chef Jonathan Zandbergen will come online. For earlier recordings please refer to the YouTube channel of The Meatlovers. In the Netherlands, consumers can buy The Meatlovers in about 200 Jumbo Supermarkets. Of course, it is also possible to order at Jumbo Online, making it available at almost all Jumbo branches.