Chef Jonathan Zandbergen - Executive Chef at 1 Michelin-star Restaurant Merlet in Schoorl and by Gault & Millau elected to Talentful Chef of the Year 2017- cooperates with The Meatlovers, helping meat lovers to take the restaurant experience home.


The Meatlovers offers consumers (fresh frozen) high quality meat. The Meatlovers wants to bring the restaurant experience home by offering delicious meat cuts - from the best regions in the world - and by inspiring the home chef, with for example the enclosed recipes. Jonathan Zandbergen and The Meatlovers are a perfect fit. Jonathan Zandbergen states that sharing is the new entrepreneurship. On his website, he shares his knowledge and recipes with people who are passionate about cooking and tasty food. Zandbergen: "In addition to the higher segment, it is nice to enthuse the consumer and help with uncomplicated yet delicious preparations." Among other things, Jonathan Zandbergen will make recipes for The Meatlovers.

The Meatlovers burger and steak packs include a recipe card. In time, this will be the new recipes of Jonathan Zandbergen. Also, there will be online videos in which meat preparation and recipes are shared. With the barbecue season coming up, the first recipes will focus on meat cuts especially suitable for the barbecue. Throughout the year, other products will also be discussed and of course Christmas dinner will be attended when December is approaching.

Jonathan is excited to get started for The Meatlovers, "Of course I tested the products before joining The Meatlovers. I have to believe in the products. It's of a super quality and I like to show consumers how to prepare this meat.” That The Meatlovers concept consists of (fresh frozen) meat is not a problem for Zandbergen, "Somehow, in the Netherlands we think that frozen meat would be less fresh and of lesser quality, while nothing is further from the truth. The beef has been grain-fed for 120 days, then the meat is aged until the perfect quality is reached. At that time the meat is rapidly frozen by a special technique and no quality is lost. The quality is also constant and that's not always the case with chilled meat."


About Jonathan Zandbergen

Jonathan Zandbergen is one of the greatest Dutch culinary talents and is a chef at Michelin-star restaurant Merlet in Schoorl. He has won several awards such as the 'Prix Culinary Le Taittinger' in 2014 and has been voted by Gault & Millau as the Talentful Chef of 2017. The Dutch public got acquainted with Jonathan Zandbergen by several media appearances, most recently as a jury member in the RTL program Topchef Academy.
Jonathan Zandbergen is ambitious and inspires many. He likes sharing his dishes with the public. Therefore he has launched his own website (