Lamb Merguez

Description of Lamb Merguez r

These merguez sausages are made from tender lamb and are already deliciously seasoned. The New Zealand lamb has an authentic taste due to the grass and clover the lamb feeds on in the wild.


Box: 1 portion, 4 pieces, a total of 240 grams


The most delicious flavour combinations with Lamb Merguez

Delicious on a sandwich or straight from the hand with a sauce for dipping. Also goes well with regular potatoes and vegetables.

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Ingredients: 89% Lamb meat, water, fiber, sheep gut, sea salt, paprika, cumin seed, garlic granulate, black pepper, chili, chipotle, cinnamon, fennel seed, antioxidant: E300, nutmeg, aroma.


Nutritional values

Per 100 Gram.

Energy kcal


Energy kJ



10,9 g

Saturated fat

4,9 g


1,04 g


<0,5 g


18,3 g


0,96 g

 BARBECUE: 5-7 minutes. *
Turn regularly.

GRILLPAN: Medium heat 6-8 minutes. *
Turn regularly.

After preparation, cover with aluminum foil and let rest for 2 minutes.

* For defrosted product.

For the best results, defrost product in the fridge outside of the box 1 day before usage.