Mixed Grill

Description of the Mixed Grill

The Mixed Grill consists of the best and most delicious selection of beef, veal and lamb. The Mixed Grill selection was compiled by our butchers and comes from the best regions of the world. Enjoy the Mixed Grill for a real meat-tasting sensation.


Box: Two portions, a total of 300 grams.

The most delicious flavour combinations with the Mixed Grill

Go for a home-made garlic sauce made with fresh garlic with your Mixed Grill. It's definitely the top taste sensation. Serve your Mixed Grill with crispy fried potatoes and a light homemade salad. You can also combine the Mixed Grill with a mix of colourful vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers and zucchini.


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100% meat from beef, veal and lamb.


Nutritional values

Per 100 Gram.


Energy 524 kJ / 125 kcal
Fat 4,0 g
Saturated fat 1,6 g
Carbohydrates <0,5 g
Sugars <0,5 g
Protein 22,1 g
Salt 0,0 g

BARBECUE: 5 minutes. *
Turn regulary.

GRILL: 5 minutes. *
Turn halfway.


* For defrosted products
For the best results, defrost product in the fridge outside of the box 1 day before usage.

Mixed grill with puffed garlic sauce

2 persons


  • 2 Servings of mixed grill
  • 2 Garlic bulbs
  • ½ Lemon
  • 4 tbsp Mayonnaise
  • 4 tbsp Sour cream
  • 2 tbsp Olive oil
  • Fresh thyme
  • Salt
  • Pepper

Preheat the oven to 200°C. Wrap each head of garlic into a separate strip of aluminium foil, sprinkle with some olive oil and put them in the oven for 25 minutes. Make sure the foil is completely closed.

Next, squeeze all the garlic cloves into a bowl and mash finely. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, the mayonnaise, the sour cream and the thyme. Season with salt and pepper.

Take a pan and fry the mixed grill according to the instructions on the packaging. Serve with garlic sauce.